The Cost of Study and Living in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most popular countries in the world when it comes to education. Thousands of students from all across the world visit the country with a hope to achieve a highly recognized degree, in their respective subject areas. The courses at New Zealand universities are very much focused on sustainability, which the world needs desperately at the moment, more than anything else. This is the main reason why education in New Zealand is so highly regarded by educationists all over.

Before a student joins a course in New Zealand universities, he should research very well about its content, the curriculum, placement opportunities, special programs related to it, and so on. This will ensure that he’s comfortable studying, and gets the best out of whatever he’s taught. This is like the ABC of University research, and something that almost everyone does.

But students generally miss out on researching about something, which is equally important as finding out the course structure, and other details related to academics. The Cost of Living in New Zealand is something that needs to be carefully considered before choosing a particular University. The country is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive countries to live in.

The Cost of Living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand will differ from city to city, as it does with any other country. But the following information could be considered to have a roundabout estimate.


The students have different options when it comes to accommodation. The students could choose to live in University Hall, which would cost them around NZD 350 per week. The fees includes basic necessities like electricity, water, internet and meals.

The students could also choose to live in rent, which, on an average, costs from NZD180 to NZD300 in a week. The price generally depends on the number of rooms, their size, the standard of bathroom and kitchen, and so on. The rent of private studio apartment starts at NZD380 per week.

If the student chooses to live privately, they may or may not get basic facilities included in the rent cost. So, on an average, it’s more expensive that living in the University Hall.

Essential Expenses

Depending on the accommodation, the student may or may not need to pay for certain facilities like Electricity, Gas, Internet, Food and Water, Mobile Connection, and so on. On an average, these may cost at around NZD180 per week.

Medical Costs

It is always a good thing to go for medical insurance or prepare oneself for any medical emergencies. On an average, a single medical visit might cost around NZD150. Medicines and the cost of treatment options may or may not be included in this price.

The Non-Essentials

Other expenditures like grooming services, for instance haircut, transportation, entertainment, and so on could cost an average of around NZD120 per week. The Universities at New Zealand offer membership of their entertainment centers to the students at NZD300 per week.

In the same way, one of the other most important things to research about, when finding out about costs, is Course Fee, i.e. the cost of study in New Zealand. Study is the primary reason for any student to visit New Zealand, and affordability is the main factor that makes a student pick a university.

The Cost of Study in New Zealand

The cost of study depends mainly on the course applied for and the university that offers the course. It goes without saying that technical and science related courses cost higher than non-science courses. Similarly, two universities may charge different fees for the same course offered by both of them. And finally, the international students are required to pay higher than domestic students, unless they’re offered some kind of scholarship.

On an average, the fees for a Management related course like Advanced Financial Accounting (15 credits/ one semester) is NZD3500. On the other hand, the same for a Science related course like Quantum Statistical Physics (15 credits/ one semester) is NZD4000.

Keep in mind that the above fees is just a roundabout figure, and that the fees as per the respective universities could be higher or lower than this. New Zealand universities also offer scholarships to the deserving students, so a candidate in their right state may not need to pay any of the fees mentioned above to study in the university.

So, the next time you research about education in New Zealand, make sure to find out about the cost of living and study in New Zealand. This way you can know what’s coming your way, and better prepare yourself for it, in the context of finance.

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